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Iceland International trip

After a few rearrangements due to COVID, our international trip to Iceland has finally taken place. 12 intrepid young women and their 4 supporting leaders set out for a time of adventure in the early hours of Thursday 11 August. Once the short flight was over they boarded a bus to take them to the Scout campsite in Ulfljotsvatn. Not content to pass away the opportunities to see as much as they could they made a couple of stops along the way including in Keflavik. During the week they travelled far and wide and experienced as much as they could including visiting hot springs in Reykjadular, enjoying the spectacular geysir in Strokkur, investigating the effects of moving tectonic plates in Pingvellir, hiking over Solheimahokull glacier and swimming and shopping in Reykjavik.

The trip was a major success with the young women amazed by the places they went and the things they achieved. Comments such as “incredible” and “beautiful” were regularly uttered. Since returning there have even been the murmurs of returning and exploring further.


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