of guiding experience we help girls reach their full potential…

With more than 4500 members, Girlguiding Leicestershire gives girls and young women space where they can grow, develop, build brilliant friendships, and make a positive difference to their lives and their communities. We may have been going for a long time but we continue to give girls and young women, of all backgrounds and faiths, an opportunity to make their voices heard so that they can realise their full potential to become dynamic members of the 21st century.

Can any girl join Girlguiding?

We are an inclusive organisation and will help any member to get the most out of their time with us. Girlguiding welcomes girls and adults with disabilities and its varied programme is flexible to allow most girls to participate. Every member of Girlguiding makes a promise to do their best. If a girl or leader is willing to commit to the Promise – then they can become a member of Girlguiding.

Do come and join us if you have learning or physical special needs that limit your activities but not your hopes and achievements. Everyone is included and everyone does their best.

Everyone has their strengths and we aim to work with the abilities a person has and offer help if they need it. In guiding we encourage the girls to learn social skills, work together, be tolerant and respect diversity whilst carrying out the most important part of our philosophy – having fun! A girl with disabilities should be able to take as full a part as possible in her unit's activities. At the same time, the other girls’ requirements are taken into account so that the experience is a positive one for everyone.

We will do our best to find you a place in a local unit if possible but it would be helpful if parents discuss their daughter’s needs with the unit leader before she joins so that advice can be taken from the Inclusion Adviser.