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Growth Day

Our leaders have come together today (17 June) to look at how we can grow across the county. With up to 5 representatives from each division there were many volunteers to share ideas and to learn from each other.

The day started with a welcome from our County Commissioner, Sam, explaining what the day was about and what we hope each area can take away by the end of the day. We then moved onto a presentation by Alison all about the new branding that has been launched recently. It was interesting to see how we could make best use of this when we are trying to recruit new members and volunteers as well as shouting out about all the great things we are doing locally. This was followed by Lisa who talked to use about the best ways to recruit and to help us think about the best ways that could work for us.

The afternoon was all about putting these great ideas into a plan of action. Each division sat as a team and looked at what events they had coming up and how they could use them to their advantage. There was also an opportunity to map out the units in their area to see where the areas for potential growth were.

Hopefully all this amazing work leads into more people joining our great organisation.


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