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Sarah skydives for Girlguiding Midlands

When Girlguiding Midlands offered the opportunity for leaders to skydive I just knew I had to take it. What better way to encourage my guides to try something new and always look for the next adventure? It was also a great opportunity to raise funds and awareness of what Girlguiding offers young people and adults alike.
After the planned summer jump was postponed due to inclement weather the 22 October date was set at Skydive Langar. A chilly but bright day offered perfect conditions for the flight up to 14,000ft over the flooded landscape of Leicestershire and Lincolnshire. I had a little time to consider what was to come but was reassured by my instructor so we were good to go as soon as the door opened. A tandem skydive doesn’t really offer the opportunity to think about whether you want to do it, before you know it you are out of the plane and free falling towards the ground. Noisy and cold but exhilarating, it doesn’t really feel like you are falling. I wasn’t really able to process the view but trying to smile for the camera!
After the longest 45 seconds of my life the parachute was deployed and it became quiet and peaceful as I floated to the ground. I was able to take the controls, steering and doing a few adventurous spins, before the instructor took the reins and guided me to a careful but soggy landing. I did it! Very proud of my achievement, it is one to tick off the bucket list but I’m not sure I am in a hurry to do it again! If you get an opportunity take it, it changes your whole perspective on the world!
If you would like to contribute to Sarah’s fundraising target please follow the link – Sarah’s fundraising page

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