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It has been a busy year for the intrepid young women of Topstones Rangers…

During the lockdown period we met on ZOOM and did quizzes, crafts, much origami (sorry Bessie) mostly mug based cooking and escape rooms. And then….when we were able to, we adjourned back outside to Topstones, in the wind, rain, sleet and everything else the weather could throw at us. Many fires were lit and much huddling was done.

It seemed reasonable that for our November meeting to celebrate Guy Fawkes, we try something a little different and so made……….smoke bombs. The recipe was a little under-tested so two of our leaders cooked up the mixture while everyone else worked their way through some games.

The girls were however keen to light the results and for a first attempt, we think they went reasonably well. Some work needs to be done on producing coloured smoke though. (instructions and a list of what NOT to do available on request).

By: Seonaid McPhail


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